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Knawroboros was made for the JimJam #2, my first game jam and my third piece of software released! The game is a 10-stage, Rock, Paper, Scissors style fighting game where you can eat your own limbs to stay alive! Fight to become the World Eater!

All of the assets are self-made, which is why they might be... crude.

I tried to get this to work with the unity web player, and there are possible bugs with the score/stats, I didn't have any more time :(

Special thanks to Tim Ruswick of Game Dev Underground!


Knawroboros Files.zip 32 MB


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nice relaxing game :D i main jump. jump all the way haha

Thanks, Marrack! :D

Wow another jumper, I was in the same martial art school!

yea i think i saw you somewhere in our dojo. i practice the jumping spider style